Take Me There

I’d spent the last decade counseling couples –helping them achieve their most intimate desires. How could I so easily help them when I didn’t know how to help myself? Because of a secret I’d kept buried for years –from my lovers, my parents, my friends, even my ex-husband –I was a thirty-five-year-old woman who’d never experienced the Big O. Don’t kid yourself, I’m not innocent, certainly not a virgin. It’s just, I’ve never allowed a man to take me there –you know the place, where your toes curl up and the universe explodes around you.
I’d pretty much given up hope, until he barreled into my life –turning my entire world upside down.

I’m Doctor Carson Foster, renowned sex therapist. I’d made a career out of bringing women to orgasm. Always holding to high professional standards, I was careful to do things completely by the book. I’d never considered breaking my personal code of ethics with any of my patients –that is, until I met her. And to complicate things, Ashlynn Sommers was my colleague, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I needed her, and because of my own past, I’d fooled myself into thinking I needed no one.

Will the truth be too much to bear, or will revealing their secrets finally set them free?  

**Standalone contemporary romance**